FLoP - 1.6.0

Fast Logging Project for Snort

Dr. Dirk Geschke

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Programs of the project
3. The snort patch
3.1. Statistics with snort
4. Configuration of FLoP
4.1. Some notes on the configuration options
5. The programs sockserv and servsock
5.1. The details of sockserv
5.1.1. Options
5.1.2. Signalhandling
5.1.3. Some additional notes
5.2. The details of servsock
5.2.1. Options
5.2.2. The configuration file of servsock
5.2.3. Signalhandling
5.2.4. Some additional notes
6. The programs alert and drop
6.1. The details of alert
6.2. The details of drop
6.3. The command line options of alert and drop
6.4. The configuration file for alert and drop
6.5. Signalhandling
7. The program getpacket
7.1. The extension of the database scheme
7.2. The command line options of getpacket
7.3. The configuration file of getpacket
7.4. Some final notes on getpacket
8. The program fpg, a false positive generator
8.1. The details of the fpg program
8.2. The command line options of fpg
8.3. Some final remarks on the program fpg
9. The contrib directory
9.1. The program rules.pl
9.1.1. The options of rules.pl
9.1.2. The configuration file rules.pl.conf
9.2. The files create_mysql and create_postgresql
9.3. The cgi files
9.4. The perl script stats.pl
10. Summary of the tools and a final survey
List of Examples
3-1. A simple perl script to feed an RRDtool database with a time step of 30 seconds. Here we only account for the rate of received packets but it is easily extended to use the other data.